Winter Rye

We planted winter rye to stablize the berms and swales of this newly cleared section of this farm so that sheep can graze.

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First Garlic Project

Our first project was to grow about 500 pounds of garlic from about 80 pounds of seed. We had many work parties to prepare the beds, set up a drip gravity fed rain water watering system. We made lots of garlic soup!

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Finnsheep Purebread Lambs Sale

This year we are blessed to have 9 lambs from our purebred Finnsheep Ewes, Hilda, Tenebrae, and Brindle. These lambs will be available in July after they are weaned. Their wool is soft, multicolored and with a nice crimp, so its great for spinning and weaving. They'd make great breeding stock and the rams if fixed are gentle creatures!

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